The Last Testament, A Memoir By God with David Javerbaum

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The Last Testament, A Memoir By God is an uproariously wicked retelling of the Good Book. Like Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, David Javerbaum appears to have been a vehicle for the Word of God. Unlike the prophets, Javerbaum is known for the irreverent pen he honed as a writer for The Daily Show. Perhaps his sense that nothing is sacred is what allowed God to open up to him in the first place.

In this “telleth all” memoir, God reveals Himself to mankind as a vain, cantankerous supreme being who is capable of making mistakes and has had a number of secret relationships with other universes. He frankly discusses his anger issues and ponders the implications of his schadenfreude. After recognizing that He has a problem, He even embarks on a self-designed 12-step program. He also discloses that “the story of Jesus is not that of a price and redeemer saving the world, but a father and son saving their relationship.” Not all of God’s confessions are this deep, though. For example, he admits which sports teams he roots for, dishes about celebrities, and––much like Oprah––announces a list of Favorite Things. He also divulges his opinions about sex and smiting, along with some cherished recipes.

In addition to opening up about Himself, God clears up some misunderstandings about His previous works and explains the mysteries of the universe. Loud and proud, He shouts it to the world that the first couple was Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve. When addressing how He could have allowed the Holocaust to happen, God explains He was away. He even tells us what the signs of the Mayan-predicated apocalypse will be later this year––which, God says, can be postponed until next year, if book sales increase.

While God’s authentic Word may not have been transcribed by Javerbaum with complete accuracy, The Last Testament is a thoroughly entertaining and disturbing read. Theists and atheists, conservatives and liberals, can surely agree this book’s got something to offend everybody.

About Crystal Alburger

Crystal Alburger is a candidate for a Master of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School. As a Spiritual Activist Fellow with the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of California from 2011 to 2012, she lobbied for the Human Right to Water and designed a program for young adults to reflect on the relationship between their values and actions. She is interested in promoting religiously pluralistic community and bringing theists and nontheists together around shared Humanist values. She considers talking to people, reading, going to church, riding her motorcycle, and cooking to be some of her most spiritually fulfilling practices.

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