Harvard Humanist of the Year: OkCupid (11/4)

Imagine a place with a population of 10 million, where being an atheist was not only welcome or encouraged — it was actually considered one of the strongest signs of honesty, integrity, and social desirability. The recipients of the 2012 Harvard Humanist of the Year Award, the founders of the online dating forum OkCupid, have made such a place a reality. OkCupid has hosted nearly 10 million users since its 2004 launch, and site founders Christian Rudder and Maxwell Krohn will join us for a first-ever public discussion of how they created arguably the most welcoming and positive environment ever for atheists, Humanists, and agnostics — online or anywhere else.

Special news: we’re delighted to host, as part of this event, Texas-based Quiet Company, who will perform a set before their show at the Middle East that evening!

The Harvard Humanist of the Year Award is presented as part of the ongoing 2012-2013 distinguished speaker series “An Ethic of Love.”

Sunday, November 4, 1:30pm at the Harvard Science Center (One Oxford Street) Hall D. Reception to follow at 12 Eliot Street. Childcare will be provided. Limited free parking is available in the Littauer Lot – first come, first served.

About Sarah Jane Chandonnet

Sarah Jane Chandonnet is the Program Director at the Humanist Community at Harvard and the Humanist Hub.

6 comments on “Harvard Humanist of the Year: OkCupid (11/4)

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  2. Hi I am the organizer of a meetup group called Boston Cultural Nomads and I posted this event in our site. So far about 14 people signed up and hope that is OK with you. Usually show-up rate is about 50% but more people may sign in later. I am a Harvard graduate as well. Please let me know if any issues.


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  4. Hi again,
    Now about 35 people signed up. It is a popular subject and folks are eager to hear about OKCupid stories. Our assistant organizer Denish will be there early to host our group. (they may try to sit together, if possible). I am in London and sad to miss this event. Thank you for organizing this interesting event.


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