Let the Blogathon Begin!

Good morning! As previously announced, Campus Organizing Fellow Chelsea Link and I are doing a blogathon today, and it begins now. We’re sitting at my kitchen table, we’ve got snacks, we’re drinking my favorite tea in the world, and Chelsea is battling a terrible cold. (Meaning I probably will be joining her in that battle in about 9 hours.)

For more on why we’re doing this and what it is, check out our explanatory post from last week (quoted below). And keep checking back all day for more blog posts!

Here we go…


As part of the Humanist Community at Harvard’s ongoing end-of-year fundraiser, Assistant Chaplain / Values in Action Coordinator Chris Stedman and Campus Organizing Fellow Chelsea Link will be joining together for an epic feat of endurance: a twelve-hour blogathon!

What in Sagan’s name is a blogathon?!

Think of it like a marathon, except less sweaty and with more pictures of cute animals.

Okay, so how does it work?

From 9 am until 9 pm on Tuesday, December 18, we will camp out with our computers and type until our fingers fall off. The rules of engagement are simple: (1) each blogger must publish one new post each hour, for twelve hours straight; (2) none of the posts can be written or drafted in advance – all the writing must be done during the blogathon.

What are you going to be blogging about?

You can expect to see a mix of reflections on a variety of issues related to nonreligious life; in-depth discussion of the work of the Humanist Community Project, the Humanist Community at Harvard, and the wider secular and interfaith movements; and – especially toward the end of the day as our brains turn into pudding – some more light-hearted material. There might even be one or two vlogs (video blogs) in addition to written pieces. Nobody knows what the blogathon holds!

Sounds awesome and/or appalling – I can’t wait. How do I follow along?

Keep checking our blog at http://harvardhumanist.org/ – remember, there will be two new posts every hour! You can also follow @ChrisDStedman and @ChelseaSkyLink on Twitter for updates, and use the hashtag #BlogWithoutGod to read and join in the discussion as the day unfolds!

What does any of this have to do with fundraising?

We’re going to pull out all the stops for you by providing you with an unprecedented quantity of fresh content on the HCP blog. We are willing to lock ourselves in with our laptops for twelve long hours for your entertainment because we love our Humanist community that much. If you enjoy our antics, if you also appreciate belonging to a Humanist community, and/or if you want to help us provide bigger and better programming to more and more people, we hope you’ll consider chipping in to support our work.

This post is a part of the Humanist Community at Harvard’s 2012 Blogathon, a 12 hour blogging marathon by Chris Stedman and Chelsea Link to support HCH’s end-of-the-year fundraiser. Chelsea and Chris are both publishing one new post per hour, for twelve hours straight, and none of the posts have been written or drafted in advance. For more blogathon posts, click here. If you enjoyed this post or any of the others, please consider consider chipping in to support our work.

Chris Stedman is the Assistant Humanist Chaplain at Harvard and the Values in Action Coordinator for the Humanist Community at Harvard. He is the author of Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious, and the founder of the blog NonProphet Status.

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