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Below you’ll find some great nationally relevant pieces on community-building for the nonreligious, created by our top-notch staff, alongside video and a slideshow about our community in Cambridge.

  • CNN.com featured Greg Epstein’s thoughts on community-building for the holidays in a piece that made the site’s front page last week, while Greg’s post-election op-ed for WBUR was selected as one of their Best of 2012. Since the latter came out, Greg was invited to visit the White House and work with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Harvard professor and CNN political analyst David Gergen on “The Inclusive America Project,” based out of the Aspen Institute.
  • Meanwhile, Assistant Chaplain Chris Stedman talked secular responses to Sandy Hook on MSNBC and HCH researcher James Croft’s piece about Humanist communities for The Humanist was reprinted on The Friendly Atheist.
  • Full video is now available for the OkCupid award ceremony featuring musical guest Quiet Company. This is one of our favorite videos, so if you’re going to watch one video from our community programs for this year, make it this one.
  • Our Year in Review photo album is available now on Facebook.
  • Last week staffers Chris Stedman and Chelsea Link joined together for a 12-hour blogathon. Read all the great new pieces here.

As a sneak preview of some of the national community-building work our Humanist Community Project will be  featuring and partnering with in the coming year, check out:

  • Former Assistant Chaplain John Figdor and the Humanist Community at Stanford featured on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • The Humanists and atheists in Kansas who’ve raised nearly $30,000 for Sandy Hook victims; or the students in Wisconsin who raised an unprecedented amount of funding to build community for Humanist and secular students on a public university campus.
  • The community-supporting efforts of national organizations like Foundation Beyond Belief and the Secular Coalition for America. We were proud to partner closely with these important organizations on some of their biggest projects in 2012. We hope our members will support their efforts as well!

We thank you for your support in 2012. We’ve raised well over $300,000 in 2012 so far! But we have big plans to help expand Humanist community nationwide in 2013 and they are only possible with your support. Numbers of dollars matter, and so do numbers of donors. So whether you can give $1,000 or $10, please donate today.

About Sarah Jane Chandonnet

Sarah Jane Chandonnet is the Program Director at the Humanist Community at Harvard and the Humanist Hub.

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