Feb. 17: A Humanist Year

Holidays are wonderful tools. They are special times set aside throughout the year which remind us to think about various issues and concepts which are well worth thinking about. Calendars, which organize the entire year’s holidays, make sure that there is a dedicated time for serious reflection on all of the most important aspects of life. They ensure that no topic gets forgotten and that we return to fundamental themes again and again, that we establish a tradition of thought and concern which we draw upon and expand throughout the years.

Religious groups have these resources ready-made with their liturgical calendars. We think Humanists would benefit from this as well and so we have set out to construct our own calendar. This Humanist calendar is based, not on the life of Jesus or some other religious figure, but rather on the life of the human. We attempt to systematically consider the issues that arise throughout life and those concepts which are most useful in our striving for human flourishing and from that to carefully design and craft a calendar that makes narrative sense.

But this project is just beginning and we need everyone’s help and input to make it a reality. Come workshop the calendar with us and let us know what you think should be included!

February 17, 1:30pm
Humanist Community Center
12 Eliot Street
Hosted by the Harvard Divinity School Humanists 

About Sarah Jane Chandonnet

Sarah Jane Chandonnet is the Program Director at the Humanist Community at Harvard and the Humanist Hub.

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