Announcing the Good Without Godcast!

For the past few weeks Humanist Chaplain at Harvard Greg Epstein and Humanist Activist James Croft have been working on a secret project, now ready to be revealed: the Good Without Godcast! Taking inspiration from the issues of the day and Humanist thinkers from the past, Greg and James address life’s deepest questions from a nonreligious perspective. We confront confusion and struggle of the human condition with the hopeful, uplifting message that human beings can, working together, make this world a better place – all with a heavy dose of humor and fun.

UPDATE: Here’s this week’s April 21 episode.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest episode, uploaded April 8, about millennials and their approach to religion, atheism, spirituality, and service: Good Without Godcast April 7 session_Mix

UPDATE: Here’s the episode from March 11: GWOG Mar 10 session_Mix, with special guest Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist helping Greg and James review the new Cosmos premiere.

For your listening pleasure, then, here’s the first “official” edition of the “Good Without Godcast” podcast, with hosts Greg Epstein and James Croft! Click here for the week of March 3.

We’re so excited to bring you a weekly podcast, and we want to hear from you! We can’t wait to hear your feedback, suggestions, questions, etc. What topics would you like us to discuss? What guests should we host? What else should we do? We’re looking into uploading this to iTunes and similar, in coming weeks.

As an added bonus, here are two “practice” podcasts we recorded while working out the kinks!

For the practice podcast we recorded on Feb. 5, click here.

For the practice podcast we recorded on Feb. 11, click here.

*Special Note: In one of these podcasts I (James) use the word “thug” to describe the actions of homophobic gangs in Russia. I regret this: the word now has racial connotations I did not intend, and I am trying to excise the word from my vocabulary. My apologies for the use of this term. I hope listeners can treat with charity the inadvertent use of a term which has shifted in meaning during an emotional moment in our discussion.


About Greg Epstein

Humanist Chaplain @Harvard. Author of NY Times Bestselling book Good Without God: What a Billion Non-Religious People Do Believe. Directs @HarvardHumanist.

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