Vision Statement


Humanist groups gathering anywhere will have a model and a stimulus for growth according to best practices.

The Humanist movement will have a network of high-functioning local organizations that will generate new members, advocates, and supporters for national organizations such as the American Humanist Association, Secular Coalition for America, Foundation Beyond Belief, and Secular Student Alliance.

Around the world Humanism will be represented by thriving communities, bringing together people of like minds to share views and serve others. These communities will help religious and nonreligious people alike to understand that Humanism is an ancient, evolving tradition with importance equal to that of the world’s major worldview traditions.


Where you live: There will be a community center where you can come to meet new friends, learn about Humanism, build a better world, raise a Humanist family, and be a better person.

At Harvard: Secular students at Harvard and beyond will develop as ethical, compassionate, fulfilled individuals, inspired by Humanist values and by connection with a community and movement of Humanist peers.