About Audrey Fernandez-Fraser

Audrey Fernandez-Fraser graduated from Harvard College in 2011 with a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology and a secondary field in Music. A classically-trained singer, composer, writer, and spiritual seeker, she spends her days making music, tutoring children, and exploring various religious and Humanistic philosophies and communities.
Phil Zuckerman books

The Rise of Irreligion: Greg Epstein and Phil Zuckerman Speak

Why is irreligion on the rise, and how can we respond to this wealth of like-minded people springing up around the globe? Watch the video in which Pitzer professor Phil Zuckerman and our chaplain Greg Epstein offer answers and new questions in their talks at a California UU Church last November.

Greg Epstein vs. PZ Myers Debate!

The much-awaited debate between PZ Myers and Harvard Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein, entitled "How Should the Atheist Movement Talk About Religion?" took place this past Sunday, hosted by Ask an Atheist. Both Myers and Epstein argued that a sensitive balance is required between stringent criticism of damaging religious beliefs and practices and a concern for people.