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99 Q’s and A’s, Part III: Values and Ethics

Give your feedback on Part III of John Sias’s new book. What are the most common questions posed to Humanists on values and ethics and how do you answer them? Continue reading

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Humanism: 99 Q’s and A’s

How do Humanists explain themselves to non-Humanists? According to organizational expert and author John Sias, if Humanism wants to grow, it needs to offer ready, accurate answers to the questions of curious non-Humanists. His next book will do just that — but first it needs your input! Continue reading

Duelist's Sword

The Freethinkers’ Political Textbook – Steel, Velvet, and the Honorable Duelist

Disagreements over how to challenge religious claims, confront religious practices, and relate to religious people are common in the freethinking community, sometimes becoming acrimonious and personal. This post seeks to use evidence to deconstruct the simplistic categories of “firebrand” and “diplomat”, opening the way for a more nuanced and accurate perception of what makes for an effective persuader: the honorable duelist. Continue reading

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Ask a what? Ask an Atheist!

National Ask-an-Atheist Day is coming up on April 19th! Here’s some advice to consider as your organization (or family, or group of friends…) gets ready to seize this opportunity for interfaith outreach and dialogue. Continue reading