Humanist Graduate Community

Weekly meetings are currently on hold. Check out the HGC Facebook group for announcements.


Humanist, atheist, agnostic, free-thinker, rationalist, “HUUmanist,” Pastafarian, naturalist, etc…

We non-theists go by many names which reflect our diversity of opinions and the range of approaches to living and examining life. And our skepticism often leads to a suspicion of groups (and especially of group thought)! Yet we all share certain basic beliefs that bring us together – the beliefs that life can be lived well without an appeal to the supernatural, that critical thinking and debate are good, and that life as part of a community of intellectual and empathetic individuals can enrich one’s life. The Humanist Graduate Community at Harvard originated in 2005 with a group of non-religious students seeking a community of open-minded, intellectually curious, nontheistic/nonreligious students. The ideas outlined in A Humanist Manifesto III provided a common ground for discussion. We do not all agree with everything in the manifesto (because that would be no fun at all!), but it offers a good starting point for the kind of community we would like to create. Our members come from all of the graduate schools at Harvard and have a wide range of backgrounds and concerns. Discussions at our gatherings range from the political (e.g., church-state separation) to the personal (e.g., living with a religious partner), and even to the spiritual (after all, one can be a spiritual humanist).

Our weekly gatherings are a mix of discussions and social activities (game nights, movie nights).  Check out our HGC Facebook group for announcements. Additionally, we coordinate outings for fun and for community service, including our annual spring break service trip. Past trips have included New Orleans and the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Come to one of our weekly gatherings or email us at to find out more!

If you have any questions about the Humanist Graduate Council, please contact group president A.J. Kumar at