Duelist's Sword

The Freethinkers’ Political Textbook – Steel, Velvet, and the Honorable Duelist

Disagreements over how to challenge religious claims, confront religious practices, and relate to religious people are common in the freethinking community, sometimes becoming acrimonious and personal. This post seeks to use evidence to deconstruct the simplistic categories of "firebrand" and "diplomat", opening the way for a more nuanced and accurate perception of what makes for an effective persuader: the honorable duelist.
Wall of Separation

The Freethinkers’ Political Textbook – Mr. Jefferson, Reframe that Wall!

The separation between church and state: perhaps no other issue unites the freethinking movement more readily. The newest of atheists, the most ardent Humanists, the freest freethinkers all support the idea that we should, as Christopher Hitchens put it - "build up that wall!" However, I believe that the language we use to frame this issue central to our movement could be much improved by a consideration of framing. Here I suggest how.
Gilt Frame

The Freethinkers’ Political Textbook – Framing for Freethinkers

Thinking is fundamentally metaphorical. We understand the world through various "frames", conceptual metaphors which guide how we perceive things. How we understand the world affects what we choose to do. And therefore, by choosing the wayy we describe our goals carefully, we can activate frames which are likely to make us more persuasive. Find out how.